Friday, May 1, 2015

Day 2 - Zeebrugge, Belgium

We arrived into Zeebrugge at 8am
We had prioritized to walk around the ship rather than go ashore. We walked throughthe whole ship from deck three to deck 16. - Restaurants, two70, The VIA, bars, Seaplex and pool areas and more. Still a true copy of Quantum - just art installations were different - we spent a lot of time looking at the pictures..
In windjammer they have introduced a new routine of washing hands with soap and water instead of the usual dispensers with alcohol disinfection. It gave a queue at the wash basins at peak times.

At Anthem the 'animal' is not a pink bear but a giraf! (picture)

Dynamic Dining Choice
We had not booked a table in advance but had no problem with getting a living at a time that suited us. There was no lines at the restaurants.
A taste of Anthem: All four Dynamic Dining Complimentary Restaurants were serving the same menu that this short cruise. At longer cruises there is a separate menu in each restaurant- The menu was created two showcase the best dishes from the four venues.
Todays dinner was at Chic - a menu of crab cake, grilled lobster tails and apple pie.

Dynamic Dining ClassicHere you eat together with the same group every night in different restaurants. One has the same waiters every night. On this trip was the order Chic, American Icon Grille and Grande.
From 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm there were Royal reception with a glass of champagne and a short speech by Captain Claus Andersen.

Spectra's Cabaret

The evening show was Spectra's Cabaret. An electric multi-dimensional cabaret with a blend of live performance cinematography together with music, sound and light. Impressive graphics on Robo and Vistarama screens, but the music was not quite my taste. However a impressive show.
Pictures from the show.

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