Thursday, May 7, 2015

Anthem of the Seas cruise Review

Below post with review and pictures from my Anthem of the Seas cruise -  3 Nt. Royal Experience, Paris & Bruges, April 30 to May 3, 2015.

A full review of the cruise.

as well as individul post on: 
- Differences Quantum of the Seas vs. Anthem of the Seas
- Shops on Anthem
- Cabin 8282 
- Wash your Hands 
- Cruise Compass and Daily Planner
- Spectra's Cabaret

Video from the cruise:
Anthem of the Seas,  Tour of the Ship
Anthem of the Seas Departure from Southampton
Quantum of the Seas vs, Anthem of the Seas - The Differences
Anthem of the Seas, Tour of Cabin 8282
Artwork, Anthem of the Seas
Pulse Spiral Light Sculpture, Anthem of the Seas

Quantum Class Restaurants, Tour of the Ship

I have also posted reviews on
Quantum of the Seas Maiden Voyage 
Quantum of the Seas Caribbean Cruise

itenary for the cruise:


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